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Kazuki Umezawa is joining in “TOKYO 2021 un/real engine – Engineering of Mourning”.

“TOKYO 2021 un/real engine – Engineering of Mourning”
2019.9.14(Sat)- 10.20(Sun)
Open : 11:00 – 20:00 Closed on Tuesday
Venue : TODA BUILDING 1F 1-7-1 Kyoubashi, chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan
*You need to register at the website in advance.


Kazuki Umezawa is joining in “Tokyo Pop Underground” at Jeffrey Deitch” in New York.

Kazuki Umezawa is joining in “TOKYO 2021 un/real engine – Engineering of Mourning”.

Tsubasa Takahashi will hold solo exhibition “Materials” at JILL D’ART GALLERY in Nagoya

Kazuki Umezawa is joining in The 58th MOT Museum Lecture Series ‘Dialogue of Writers’ The 3rd “The Images of The Information Society”

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in “Weavers of Worlds – A Century of Flux in Japanese Modern / Contemporary Art -“.

A permanent installation of Kazuki Umezawa ​​is being installed in the complex facility “ASOBUILD”.

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in “March Wall”.

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in “CHAOS*LOUNGE X”.

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in “Rokko Meets Art 2018”.


Kazuki UMEZAWA will hold solo exhibition “neo X death” at AISHO NANZUKA in Hong Kong.

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in “mograg 10th Anniversary Exhibition “ten”” .

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in “secession.” .

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in “A Part of New Flat Painters Core ―― Kazuki UMEZAWA, Taishi URAKAWA, Takeshi HYAKUTO” .

Kazuki UMEZAWA’s new book published – “Kazuki UMEZAWA Re: Eternal force image core”

Tsubasa TAKAHASHI holding solo exhibition in Tokyo Art Gathering

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in CHAOS*LOUNGE New art festival 2017 city play “One Hundred and Fifty Years of Solitude” .

Kodai DENO joining in “Sons of Bizarre Fantasy- -Heutiger Manierismus (Manierism Today) :Radi-um Mix”.

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in CHAOS*LOUNGE9 “Vapor Hell” .

Kazuki UMEZAWA joining in “Urban Implosion – Cities in Asia” at ACC in Korea.